Survey Charts, Maps, Ledgers, Navigation @ Atelier 6000

These two pieces are going to be shown in a juried exhibition in Bend, Oregon at Atelier 6000, through the month of February! Their show Survey Charts, Maps, Ledgers, Navigation, is a great fit for my new series of paintings following the last voyage of the Whale Ship Essex.

42 N, 35 W Nearing the Azores - Oil, rust and encaustic on steel and walnut - 20" x 8"

42°N, 66°W - Oil and Encaustic on Formed Steel - 12" x 12"

  1. Thanks Pam, if you know any galleries to suggest send them my way!!


  2. Pam Rogers said:

    Vincent, These are great- just got back from Seattle and your work is a perfect fit for the Northwest! would love to see these in person.


  3. nomad said:

    Congrats Vincent


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