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After so much technical plying with the camera I needed to loosen up with some field studies.

On Christmas morning, Santa brought a new sketchbook! Here’s a photo of a longer sketch using the field study from the video as a reference, drawn with Faber Castell PITT pens on 14″x11″, All Media Paper.

I hope everyone enjoyed a great holiday! I’m thankful I was able to spend mine with family, friends and sketchbooks.

Ink Sketch

IMG_6164I’ve been wanting to sharpen my photo skills. I was fortunate enough to have Suzan and Sal to school me in the finer points of controlling shutter speed, ISO and aperture together to get properly exposed phots while on a nice hike this Christmas Eve. I set myself up with a challenge in the shot below. It was hard to capture a balance between the shadows beneath and the sunny bright rock while keeping the figures in focus. I used a shallow depth of field blurring the closest part of the rock and focusing on the figures.  A polarizing filter gives the sky its rich color, deepens the shadow under the rock, and along with shutter speed, subdues the brightness of the sun reflecting off of the rock, allowing me to keep an low open aperture to get the shallower depth of field.

Depth of Field


I just got back into Fairbanks driving 9 hours down the famed Dalton Hwy. There was lots of construction on the road which is primarily a dirt haul road for truckers taking supplies N through the Arctic. Where the construction took place I usually had sometime to sketch as they only let one direction through at a time. Worked to be a nice way to breakup the trip. While here in Alaska I took over, 1000 photos of clouds, landscape views of the tundra and the brooks mountain range, our field work and I made many of sketches. I have so many ideas for new work! I will update soon with a few selected sketches and photos.