Benthic zone – Region of the ocean floor below 2,000 m depth.

The Benthos are the creatures that inhabit it.

This blog exists to brainstorm, catalogue, and offer the many projects and happenings going on around me and in my own work.

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Artist Bio:

Vincent Colvin creates interdisciplinary art, often combining encaustic, oil painting, drawing, and printmaking on altered surfaces. Combining these techniques, his land and sea-scapes blend concepts based on memory, time, place, and the viewing experience. Colvin received a Master of Fine Art in Painting from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia and a BFA in Painting and Printmaking from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond. With over 6 years experience instructing art he currently teaches painting, drawing, and portfolio preparation as a Faculty member of the The Contemporary Austin Art School and as Adjunct Faculty for the Southwest School of Art, San Antonio. He has shown his work nationally in over 25 curated and juried group and solo shows.

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  1. Vincent, I enjoyed speaking with you this afternoon. Thank you for your business card. I enjoyed looking over some of your work. Many years ago I developed an interest in collecting Scrimshaw knives. I am aware it is a very different art form. However, the scenes and subjects have some similarity. Wow, so many steps and processes to achieve a finished project. I wish you well with your endeavors.


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