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I am part of a founding members show at an art space a group of artists and I created in Philadelphia back in 2009, Grizzly Grizzly. We’ve left it in good hands and over the years Grizzly Grizzly has continued to thrive! View my piece, Galbraith, at the Friday night opening.

Galbraith, 2013, Encaustic and Oil on Found Wood, 16" x 26", Vincent Colvin

Galbraith, 2013, Encaustic and Oil on Found Wood, 16″ x 26″, Vincent Colvin

After so much technical plying with the camera I needed to loosen up with some field studies.

On Christmas morning, Santa brought a new sketchbook! Here’s a photo of a longer sketch using the field study from the video as a reference, drawn with Faber Castell PITT pens on 14″x11″, All Media Paper.

I hope everyone enjoyed a great holiday! I’m thankful I was able to spend mine with family, friends and sketchbooks.

Ink Sketch

IMG_6164I’ve been wanting to sharpen my photo skills. I was fortunate enough to have Suzan and Sal to school me in the finer points of controlling shutter speed, ISO and aperture together to get properly exposed phots while on a nice hike this Christmas Eve. I set myself up with a challenge in the shot below. It was hard to capture a balance between the shadows beneath and the sunny bright rock while keeping the figures in focus. I used a shallow depth of field blurring the closest part of the rock and focusing on the figures.  A polarizing filter gives the sky its rich color, deepens the shadow under the rock, and along with shutter speed, subdues the brightness of the sun reflecting off of the rock, allowing me to keep an low open aperture to get the shallower depth of field.

Depth of Field

I will be giving a demo in encaustic at The Contemporary Art School @ Laguna Gloria this Sunday between 3-4 PM in Studio 3. The grounds at Laguna Gloria are a great place to stroll through and this weekend they have some great new exhibits going up from Miriam Vitale and Liam Gillick, and a live performance of “Inuksuit” @ 2pm, all of which looks like a blast to see in person.

The Contemporary just received a grant award of $9 million dollars to create a sculpture garden on the Laguna Gloria grounds. Charles Atlas, Tom Friedman, Orly Genger, Charles Long, Tom Sachs and Do Ho Suh are a few of the artists names being considered for commissions. This art museum is really progressing fast and is exciting to be a part of. Keep an eye on it in the coming months for some great events. They also have lectures, art talks and openings on a regular basis.

I am excited about the prospect of a work installed by Do Ho Suh on the grounds!

DO HO SUH Paratrooper-I , 2003 linen, polyester thread, cast stainless steel, cast concrete, plastic beads 122 x 153 x 254 inches

Paratrooper-I , 2003
linen, polyester thread, cast stainless steel, cast concrete, plastic beads
122 x 153 x 254 inches – 

Image from –



Meet the Artist: Vincent Colvin

Meet the Artist: Vincent Colvin

I will be giving a talk about my latest work now showing at the Southwest School of Art in San Antonio. I will be sharing many of the tools, processes and techniques for how the pieces were made. The show delves into the retelling of stories and memories and there will be an opportunity to discuss what the works represent for the artist as well as for you the viewer. To learn more follow  the Facebook Event, to be held on Saturday August 17th, 2013.


I have been working on combining encaustic and charcoal drawings. Including a series of tests to confirm the process is archival. I am not aware of very many people doing this, so I am excited to try and expand this technique. Next up I will be layering charcoal drawing transfers into the encaustic wax and bringing oil and encaustic paint into the piece. This work is 11″ x 54″.