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New work from my studio. This is a new ongoing series of charcoal drawings based on memory and using on-site sketches to recall selective elements of space and time. I am really excited about these new works and ideas I have for showing them to create a unique experience for the viewer.

Colorado Trail 1

Chimborazo 1

Valles Caldera 1

Toolik 1

El Moro

El Moro, Detail

El Moro, Detail


West Contrabando Dark Sky Site

We recently spent a long weekend in Big Bend soaking in the massive night skies and glowing morning sunrises out of our tent.


Lunch time view between rides, Pen and Ink, BBRSP


Love this candid of Michelle looking up from the mine shaft


Big Bend Ranch SP has an abandoned mercury mine out in the park to explore


Sun baked textures in the desert


View from Big Bend National Park Hot Springs, Pen and Ink

Everything is exposed and sun baked. Topographic features visibly exist on the mountainsides undisturbed by trees. Trails here are dynamic and range from fast flowing, to rocky scree, to jeep roads. The light is dynamic and fun to photograph and the distances enjoyable to sketch from rare spots of shade.

Michelle and her CHUMBA URSA on Crystal mtn trail, yes, those are all quartz crystals!


The mine area has some cool artifacts like this ole’Chevy


Kept my map handy in my Wanderlust Gear Rattlesnake bag, sweet patch from Everything Will Be Noble thanks to Brent Knepper!


Recent fire damage in the Big Bend Nat. Park, native plants will likely come back strong and happy with new seeds being activated by the fires to grow.

After so much technical plying with the camera I needed to loosen up with some field studies.

On Christmas morning, Santa brought a new sketchbook! Here’s a photo of a longer sketch using the field study from the video as a reference, drawn with Faber Castell PITT pens on 14″x11″, All Media Paper.

I hope everyone enjoyed a great holiday! I’m thankful I was able to spend mine with family, friends and sketchbooks.

Ink Sketch

IMG_6164I’ve been wanting to sharpen my photo skills. I was fortunate enough to have Suzan and Sal to school me in the finer points of controlling shutter speed, ISO and aperture together to get properly exposed phots while on a nice hike this Christmas Eve. I set myself up with a challenge in the shot below. It was hard to capture a balance between the shadows beneath and the sunny bright rock while keeping the figures in focus. I used a shallow depth of field blurring the closest part of the rock and focusing on the figures.  A polarizing filter gives the sky its rich color, deepens the shadow under the rock, and along with shutter speed, subdues the brightness of the sun reflecting off of the rock, allowing me to keep an low open aperture to get the shallower depth of field.

Depth of Field