2 New Paintings

These are two recent absract seascapes. They are currently on view at the DCAC in Adams Morgan, DC until October 10th for their “Elements: State of Matter Show”.

Medias - 2010 - 55" x 6" Encaustic on Manipulated Found Wood

Forgotten - 26" x 8" - 2010 - Encaustic on Found Wood

Here is what Pam Rogers, the gallery’s curator had to say about my work at the show:

“Vincent has taken the encaustic process to a new place with his abstracted panels. Vincent explores his interest in the “spaces that are tangible here below our own horizon.” This desire is often expressed in imagery suggestive of the ocean and its allure. It is the unknown aspect that makes Vincent’s work so compelling; the shapes and colors with soft welcoming edges suggest something to the viewer that cannot quite be immediately identified. The smaller more intimate pieces embrace the concept of mystery and the unknown. Vincent has enveloped these sumptuous little encaustic works in velvety delicate layers to convey water. Yet we know there is something just below the surface. His subtle play with color, creates strong powerful shapes that bridge the realm between two and three dimensional work. While the wax medium that Vincent manipulates is seductive in its own right, it is clearly just a vehicle that he uses to invite the viewer into his personal aquatic works.” – Pam Rogers, Artist and Curator

Bonus!!!! Cool link :  China Deep Sea Tour

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