Upcoming Classes @ The Contemporary Austin Art School

Hi all, I have some great classes and workshops coming up soon check them out:

This weekend: Portfolio Prep Workshop   Instructor: Colvin    Tuition: $49.00 Sat 12:30 pm – 4:30 pm  09/21/13  End 09/21/13  1 session  Location: Studio 3

High school students preparing for admission to college art programs will benefit from this workshop designed to foster the key elements of a successful portfolio. During class, students will draw from the still life using a variety of available media and receive an individual portfolio review encouraging their ideas and strengths. Instructor Vincent Colvin boasts years of college admissions experience as a former senior admissions counselor for the Tyler School of Art.

Starting on Wednesday: Drawing: The Basics   Instructor: Colvin    Tuition: $154.00  Supply/Model Fee: $25.00 Wed 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm  Start 09/18/13  End 10/16/13  5 sessions  Location: Studio 3

Learn to draw now! Practice with a new drawing medium each week in this short course. Enjoy drawing success in the very first class. Refine your technique as we focus on still life and found objects in a supportive environment for beginners. You will work with charcoal, pencil, pastels and more. All supplies provided.

Drawing Faster & Better   Instructor: Colvin    Tuition: $134.00  Supply/Model Fee: $0.00 Thu 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm  Start 11/21/13  End 12/19/13  4 sessions  Location: Studio 3  1207

Focus on the creative process, rather than the product, and you can draw faster and better than you thought you could! In this invigorating and supportive class, we will take gesture techniques far beyond typical warm-ups to produce sketches, studies and finished mixedmedia works. Incorporate charcoal, ink, pastel and watercolor. Increase your productivity, improve your observational skills, overcome your fear of the blank page and surprise yourself with your confident, spontaneous drawings. Beginners welcome!

Glazing Workshop for Painters   Instructor: Colvin    Tuition: $49.00  Supply/Model Fee: $0.00 Sat 12:30 pm – 4:30 pm  Start 12/07/13  End 12/07/13  1 session  Location: Studio 3  2222

Ever wanted to learn about oil glazing? Demystify the old master technique and break it into an approachable method you can incorporate into any painting. Students should bring one to three pre-made oil paintings (any size or style, and dry) needing a change or a greyand-white underpainting. We will experiment with various brushes and mediums, explore how they work and differ, and learn how to incorporate the rich process of glazing into your studio practice. Come see what transparent veils of color can breathe into any painting!

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