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Our 3rd and 4th days we’re spent camping and canoeing through Santa Elena Canyon. This was a captivating experience and immediately I knew it wouldn’t be our last trip.

Canyon walls framed this star shot at 3am

Canyon walls framed this star shot, cropping Orion at 3am

Light floods in over the walls and then in the next bend your floating in shadows. This presented it’s own challenges shooting with my Sony a6000 as I am using all old full manual Nikkor 25mm and 35mm prime lenses. These lenses are great for static shots, but with our boat moving and then our river partners boat moving it wasn’t easy to get the focus dialed. Thus, most of my “action” shots didn’t make it into this batch of photos. I do really enjoy the subtle cool whites these lenses achieve though, seen in the photograph below @ right corner.


My favorite co-pilot Michelle, steady’s the boat for a river portrait.



Our campsite for night 3, now bathed in morning light

Once the sun broke over the East canyon wall Kody jumped in for an invigorating morning bath

Once the sun broke over the East canyon wall Kody jumped in for an invigorating morning bath



Each bend in the canyon offers a new cascade of light and shadow

Kody and Jenny worked together and steered their 1980’s Mohawk canoe through a bunch of fun Class I & II rapids


Scouting Rock Slide Rapid


The river walls are full of features torn into the canyon


At the canyon’s end, lines in the walls sending you out into the park.

One more entry of photographs to come, all detail shots from the trip! Check back shortly…

New work from my studio. This is a new ongoing series of charcoal drawings based on memory and using on-site sketches to recall selective elements of space and time. I am really excited about these new works and ideas I have for showing them to create a unique experience for the viewer.

Colorado Trail 1

Chimborazo 1

Valles Caldera 1

Toolik 1

El Moro

El Moro, Detail

El Moro, Detail

Tagia, Detail, Oil Glazes on Steel, 24″ x 32″, 2013

I am busy preparing for my solo show, Simultaneous Passage, at the Southwest School of Art in July. The exhibition will be on view from July 18th to August 23rd. I had posted some earlier stages of this piece, “Tagia” about 3 posts back. It is built up of many layers of rust, oil and glaze mediums that are brushed on, applied by hand, wiped, scraped, sanded, smeared and gouged. The show will consist of a variety of paintings drawings and prints.

Blending scapes of land and sea, Simultaneous Passage, also blurs the lines of process, media, and viewing. The imagery triggers a memory or creates responses to birth a new one. The stories told depict a interpretation of the past. These individual moments take place within our collective memory, whether you are an observer or a creator, making us all somehow participants of the story. Art allows the viewer to become creator using their mind as an extension of the piece viewed. The events live in multiple time frames as they transition their own lifespan of creation, experience and subsequently, memory. 

Ushering in the new year I thought it was time for a change. I just made a new website, now with bigger pictures and more work. If you have a moment check it out. I would love any feedback, I am still dialing in the background and organization.

This year I am preparing for my first large scale solo show in July at the Southwest School of Art in San Antonio, Texas and I am applying for a number of Artist in Residence Programs in our National Parks. I’ll be posting new work as I go along. Here’s to what I hope will be a productive year!