Grizzly Grizzly’s Third Openning Feb. 5th 6:30

Grizzly Grizzly 319 North 11th Street, 2nd Floor, Philadelphia

Grizzly Grizzly is a collaborative effort of five VCU BFA 2005 graduates; Mike Ellyson, Steven Little, Dennis Matthews, Bruce Wilhelm and myself. We started the gallery December  and have since already shown 4 emerging artists and Feb 5th we’ll be hosting two more. The space is a chance for the 5 of us to create a different kind of gallery experience in Philadelphia, where the only concern is to show exceptional emerging artists. For these first three shows we sought artists who have unique approaches to the art making process and brainstormed how to curate them into 2 man shows. The gallery layout places the two artists in close quarters and the experience we are hoping to relate is one where each artist’s work really converses with the other. Artists selected to show are encouraged to give input on the curatorial process. Future shows will include solo exhibitions, installations, various performances, and group shows. For more information on Grizzly Grizzly or for a preview of our next show check out Grizzly Grizzly. If you like what you see subscribe to our blog or fan us on “The Facebook“.

Grizzly Grizzly welcomes Robert Scobey & Yevgeniya S. Baras for our third show. Come out to the opening on February 5th at 6:30.

-Vincent Colvin

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