Balena, Woodcut on Rives BFK, 9" x 36", Vincent Colvin,

After many long hours at the bench hook I finally got this series completed! Or so I thought after waiting a week for the oil based ink to dry, I realize they are better proofs, time to go back in and make the transitions between the pieces smoother.

The three prints connect when you put them all next to one another. The pieces are inspired by imagery from early maps and engravings which depicted whales. The first image is based on the 1562 Map of America by Diego Gutierrez and the third from a 1577 engraving by Dutch artist Jan Wierix. The second is a merging of the two.

The verdict…. Woodcuts are awesome why have I not been doing this forever?

The woodcuts are cut with Japanese Moku Hanga woodblock tools and are hand printed with archival oil based ink. The prints are 9″ x 12″ each and 9″ x 36″ together. 4 sets of proofs in varying paper colors gray, light grey, cream, and the tan in these pics, on Rives BFK, and Somerset. Proofs are $25 each or $60 for the set. Visit my frame section and you could get a whole set maple framed, float mounted and ready to hang for an extra $150. To frame one print would be an extra $90. Fill the form out at the bottom of the page to order!

Final edition will be around $50 each or $120 for the set, also in varying paper colors on Rives BFK, perhaps some Chine-collé also.

Here is a snap shot of my work up at Lane Palmisano’s and Michele Hoben’s studio in the Torpedo Factory Art Center. Recent and some past work will be up for viewing throughout the month of May. The Torpedo Factory (TFAC) is an amazing art center in Northern Virginia. (Alexandria).

“Calore” – Lane Palmisano

Lane has been making increasingly significant oil paintings for as long as I can remember. Recent pieces involve her traditional impressionistic expertise breaking down into abstract and contemporary landscapes. Spatial relationships emerge and disintegrate both in the final image and throughout the painting process where Lane applies and scrapes paint with a variety of tools. Color is constantly put to the test in the paintings. The pieces currently hanging in her space showcase a variety of palettes; from transparent earth tones, to impasto pinks and yellow-greens. The paintings all explore a sense of distance between her often explosive brush strokes and imagined horizons. The recent work I like the best has a real breakdown of what that horizon line is defined as: A range of marks that are at once built with hard edges and areas that subtly play into a disappearing act.

“By The Paddocks” – Michele Hoben

The studio is also shared by Michele Hoben. She is exhibiting and producing paintings that incorporate mixed media and collage. The pieces seem to center on abstract environments that incorporate conceptual fences and response to landscape and feelings of containment. The fence is often at first concealed by what the viewer might believe to be a series of well placed marks and lines. Viewing evolves where the lines enter the foreground and your eye seeks to look through them. The lines at once hold your attention and frame the painting into sections of color and light. It is this subtle play between positive and negative spaces that begins to create movement in the works. The pieces also have a range of painting applications dealing with transparency, saturation and opacity.

At the TFAC studio space Lane and Michele’s works exist in a dialogue about boldness and subtleness of color, descriptions of space, and a unique combination of calculated and free mark making.

Grizzly Grizzly 319 North 11th Street, 2nd Floor, Philadelphia

Grizzly Grizzly is a collaborative effort of five VCU BFA 2005 graduates; Mike Ellyson, Steven Little, Dennis Matthews, Bruce Wilhelm and myself. We started the gallery December  and have since already shown 4 emerging artists and Feb 5th we’ll be hosting two more. The space is a chance for the 5 of us to create a different kind of gallery experience in Philadelphia, where the only concern is to show exceptional emerging artists. For these first three shows we sought artists who have unique approaches to the art making process and brainstormed how to curate them into 2 man shows. The gallery layout places the two artists in close quarters and the experience we are hoping to relate is one where each artist’s work really converses with the other. Artists selected to show are encouraged to give input on the curatorial process. Future shows will include solo exhibitions, installations, various performances, and group shows. For more information on Grizzly Grizzly or for a preview of our next show check out Grizzly Grizzly. If you like what you see subscribe to our blog or fan us on “The Facebook“.

Grizzly Grizzly welcomes Robert Scobey & Yevgeniya S. Baras for our third show. Come out to the opening on February 5th at 6:30.

-Vincent Colvin


We just won the People’s Choice Award at the Kensington Sculpture Derby with this Amish/Harry Potter inspired beast carriage! The bike has functionality for four riders and one puppeteer. It can carry 7 or so folks when utilizing the “trunk”. The piece is made from over 7 re-cycled bicycle frames, 4 of which were used to create two side by side tandem bicycles with linked steering. The puppeteer, seated in the center controls the legs and wings of the horse by pedaling from their seat and pulling wires just like a marionettes.  We have recently shown it at Moore College of Art and Design Philadelphia. To see a video of the kinetic sculpture in action click on this link. The project was a collaboration between artists Colleen Rudolf, Humankind Design and myself.