New Woodcut Prints

Balena, Woodcut on Rives BFK, 9" x 36", Vincent Colvin,

After many long hours at the bench hook I finally got this series completed! Or so I thought after waiting a week for the oil based ink to dry, I realize they are better proofs, time to go back in and make the transitions between the pieces smoother.

The three prints connect when you put them all next to one another. The pieces are inspired by imagery from early maps and engravings which depicted whales. The first image is based on the 1562 Map of America by Diego Gutierrez and the third from a 1577 engraving by Dutch artist Jan Wierix. The second is a merging of the two.

The verdict…. Woodcuts are awesome why have I not been doing this forever?

The woodcuts are cut with Japanese Moku Hanga woodblock tools and are hand printed with archival oil based ink. The prints are 9″ x 12″ each and 9″ x 36″ together. 4 sets of proofs in varying paper colors gray, light grey, cream, and the tan in these pics, on Rives BFK, and Somerset. Proofs are $25 each or $60 for the set. Visit my frame section and you could get a whole set maple framed, float mounted and ready to hang for an extra $150. To frame one print would be an extra $90. Fill the form out at the bottom of the page to order!

Final edition will be around $50 each or $120 for the set, also in varying paper colors on Rives BFK, perhaps some Chine-collé also.

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